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TORRENS Series 2022-1 Trust

Securitisation forms an important part of the BEN's overall capital management and funding strategy. All potential securitisable loans are subject to an upfront due diligence that determines their securitisation status.

Please see below for details.

Summary of notes

Issue Date 19 May 2022
Issuance Volume AUD 500,000,000.00
Monthly Distribution Date 16th Day of Each Month or Next Business Day

Security type: Class A

Amount AUD 460,000,000.00
Coupon Details BBSW1M + 120bps
Initial Rating "AAA" S&P, "AAA" Fitch
ISIN AU3FN0067740

Security type: Class AB

Amount AUD 18,000,000.00
Coupon Details BBSW1M + 180bps
Initial Rating "AAA" S&P, "AAA" Fitch
ISIN AU3FN0067757

Security type: Class B

Amount AUD 7,500,000.00
Coupon Details BBSW1M + 210bps
Initial Rating "AA" S&P
ISIN AU3FN0067765

Security type: Class C

Amount AUD 6,250,000.00
Coupon Details BBSW1M + 240bps
Initial Rating "A" S&P
ISIN AU3FN0067773

Security type: Class D

Amount AUD 3,400,000.00
Coupon Details BBSW1M + 270bps
Initial Rating "BBB" S&P
ISIN AU3FN0067781

Security type: Class E

Amount AUD 2,450,000.00
Coupon Details BBSW1M + 460bps
Initial Rating "BB" S&P
ISIN AU3FN0067799

Security type: Class F

Amount AUD 2,400,000.00
Coupon Details BBSW1M + 650bps
Initial Rating Not Rated
ISIN AU3FN0067807

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