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These pages provide an overview of the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group, including financial information, current announcements, annual reports, newsletters and shareholder services.

Change in Online Share Registry Service Provider!

From 18 July 2016, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited wishes to advise that we have changed our online shareholder registry service provider from Computershare to Boardroom Pty Limited.

The Share Registry will continue to be managed internally at our registered Head Office in Bendigo and will now take on responsibility for managing the Floating Rate Notes using a computerised registry program provided by Boardroom Pty Limited.

You can now view and manage your holdings online via Boardroom's user friendly and secure web portal InvestorServe. To access InvestorServe please click on the "Logon to Online Share Registry" above.

For all securityholders who held any Bendigo and Adelaide Bank securities prior to 18 July 2016, please refer to the announcement made to the ASX on 15 July 2016 for some important details that may affect you as a result of this change in service provider.

If you have an enquiry about your Bendigo and Adelaide Bank securities please don't hesitate to contact the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Share Registry on 03 5485 6393.

Community Bank® Company Shareholders

If you have any questions regarding Community Bank® Company Shares, you need to contact the respective Community Bank® Company Secretary or Community Bank® Branch for assistance. Contact details available here.

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