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Community Telco

To be sustainable, communities need infrastructure, opportunities and capital. The key to all three is community desire to make a change and the commitment to see it through. All that is often needed is the right tools.

Established in 2000, Community Telco Australia is much more than just a provider of telecommunications services. Based on Bendigo Bank’s successful Community Bank® model, Community Telco Australia applies the same philosophy of aggregated demand and community support to telecommunications.

Community Telco provides the community with a greater level of involvement and say in the telecommunications services available to them. It also provides a greater opportunity for businesses and consumers to access the latest technology and for local communities to benefit through:

  • Increased economic and industry development.
  • New employment opportunities.
  • Enhanced educational programs, particularly in distance education.
  • A reduction in the ‘brain drain’ to major cities.
  • Improved health care and social programs.
  • Business productivity improvement.
  • Opportunities to competitively access markets outside the region.

Community Telco Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank. The aggregated buying power of Community Telco Australia enables local communities to access competitively priced telecommunications technology, the best available telecommunications solutions and to improve their future prospects.