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Community Enterprise Foundation™

Community Enterprise Foundation™ is the philanthropic arm of the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group.

A single foundation, capable of being the gifting structure for hundreds of communities and causes, makes our Foundation’s structure unique and highly effective.

Since 2005, the Foundation has worked closely with Bendigo Bank’s network of community and charitable partners. The aim of the Foundation is to bring together local people who care about their community.

The Foundation currently partners with many communities and organisations across Australia to ensure that all fundraising and giving activities are undertaken in accordance with industry best practice standards, enabling these organisations to maximise their time doing what they do best: working in and helping their local communities.

The Foundation is a skilled grant-maker providing a flexible gifting structure and professional administrative support and advice to individuals, businesses and governments seeking to invest their goodwill back into charitable projects and outcomes.

The Foundation is also able to make giving easier by utilising the Bank’s network of branches and systems to accept public donations for fundraising appeals, ensuring that those who want to give are efficiently matched to those who need to receive.

The Foundation collects donations in a tax-effective way from individuals, businesses and governments.

It also offers communities with the opportunity to build their own pool of funds to be reinvested back into their community as they see fit.

As a result, our gift to Australian communities is access to the best possible gifting structure.

To find out more visit the Community Enterprise Foundation™ website.

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