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Enterprise Procurement

VendorPanel Marketplace

At Bendigo and Adelaide Bank we obtain many of our goods and services via our e-procurement system called VendorPanel Marketplace. This online tool allows us to search lists of registered suppliers and request a quote for specific goods and services that we need.

VendorPanel Marketplace also helps suppliers to maximise their chances of securing work with us.

To take advantage of the opportunities with us, suppliers must register at VendorPanel Marketplace so we can invite them to provide a quote. View the Supplier Portal Terms & Conditions PDF for more information. 

Purchase orders

In addition to our VendorPanel tool, we are also implementing a Purchase Order system. A purchase order establishes the binding agreement and confirmation to deliver the goods or service. 

Suppliers will be provided with a purchase order # to include on all invoices before a payment can be made. View the Purchase Order Terms & Conditions PDF for more information.

Supplier Code of Conduct

We source goods and services from over 2,000 suppliers, with an annual procurement spend of close to $700 million. Our suppliers are a critical part of our success, and we diligently select and retain suppliers who share similar values to ours. We have created a Supplier Code of Conduct that calls attention to these values and the minimum requirements we expect our suppliers to meet or exceed.

View Supplier Code of Conduct.

Enterprise Procurement guiding principles

Enterprise Procurement has the responsibility to deliver procurement as a service to the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group (BEN).

BEN will be guided by sound commercial and ethical principles that facilitate project delivery, while always acting in the interest of the customer, the project, BEN businesses, stakeholders, and the environment.

These principles enable us to:

  • Source the best requirements fit (sourcing solutions);
  • Develop suppliers that are capable of delivering the Bank’s requirements (supplier capability);
  • Seek best prices for the requirements fit (value for money);
  • Manage suppliers to ensure obligations are delivered and ongoing performance enhanced  (solution delivery) 
  • Ensure contractual arrangements meet acceptable risk profiles (acceptable risk);
  • Maintain an environment where all suppliers are treated fairly, equally and ethically (ethical and fair treatment);
  • Consider impacts on the environment, corporate responsibility, and social responsibility (environmental, corporate & social responsibility);
  • Ensure internal and external processes are accountable, transparent and impartial (probity, accountability and transparency); and
  • Manage, develop, and maintain procurement tools, policies and procedures to a high standard (tools, policies & procedures)

View Managing our supply chain page for more information on Procurement.

For general contract and tender enquiries please contact us

Frequently asked questions

VendorPanel Marketplace offers the Bank and suppliers a standardised platform to seek and respond to quotations. This is to ensure a consistent approach to purchasing is maintained.

No, you don’t require a licence, however you will need to register in order to receive sales opportunities. Follow the prompts when you first access the tool to create a simple profile to showcase the capabilities of your business.

Suppliers can register via the following link.

On the quoting tool there is a phone number for any technical issues. This is the VendorPanel help desk and they will be able to assist you.

For any other issues, please contact Enterprise Procurement Mailbox.

VendorPanel Marketplace will make local businesses more visible to us.

We encourage you as a local suppliers/businesses/suppliers, to register your business details on VendorPanel Marketplace.

Our staff will then have immediate access to a wide range of businesses/suppliers to approach for quotations on upcoming work.

Registering for VendorPanel Marketplace is completely free for businesses/suppliers. It means receiving timely quote requests from us and being able to submit quotes quickly and easily. VendorPanel Marketplace is easy to navigate;

  • no pre-qualification is necessary for businesses/suppliers to register on VendorPanel Marketplace;
  • you will be more visible and accessible to purchasing staff;
  • you will not have to spend as much time quoting;
  • it will be easier for you to respond to a request for a quote.

It’s important to note that registering on VendorPanel Market place does not provide a guarantee of securing work with the Bank.

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