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Embracing diversity & inclusion

At Bendigo and Adelaide Bank we embrace a diverse team who understands how to meet the needs of our diverse customer base, the partners we work with and the communities in which we operate.

A diverse team, supported by an inclusive environment, is the foundation for diversity of thought and innovation, which will drive our future success.

As an employee, we want you to feel included and welcomed when you come to work, and be treated with respect, feel valued and know how you contribute to our success.

The importance we place on collaboration and inclusion is not limited to our people and work practices, but extends to all of our stakeholders including our partners, customers and communities.

Embracing diversity and inclusion is important to the success of our Bank, our people, and our partners, customers and communities.

At Bendigo and Adelaide Bank there is a career for everyone, so come join us.

You can read more about our diversity and inclusion objectives in the Diversity Policy, and find an update on our progress towards achieving them in the Corporate Governance Statement.

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