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About us

Joint ventures


Homesafe Solutions
Homesafe Solutions is a joint venture between Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and Athy Pty Ltd which manages the Homesafe Debt Free Equity Release product. Since 2005, Homesafe Solutions has assisted senior homeowners to access the equity in their homes without going into debt.



NoQ is a joint venture between independent start up company Hub IT Pty Ltd and Bendigo and Adelaide Bank who own a 15% stake. Bendigo and Adelaide Bank purchased a strategic equity stake in NoQ which is an Adelaide-based company that has designed an online ordering system using smart phone technology, and was founded by Brad Moran. NoQ enables customers to place orders with a cafe or store remotely via their iPhone. The retailer issues an online receipt and confirms a time to collect the order. Payment occurs automatically via credit card using a secure third party payment gateway.


Silver Body Corporate Financial Services Pty Ltd

Silver Body Corporate Financial Services Pty Ltd, a body corporate banking service is a joint venture between Bendigo and Adelaide Bank based in Bundall and the Stewart Silver King and Burns Group (SSKB). Through this partnership, Body Corporate Associations managed by SSKB are entitled to receive a “Community Dividend” for banking with the Bendigo Bank’s Bundall branch on the Gold Coast.



Bcause is an initiative of the Bendigo & Adelaide Bank and we are supported by their banking systems.

After talking to a number of people we felt there was a need to make it easier for people with disability, their families and carers to find useful information and the right product and services so they can do what matters to them. 

Think of the online store as a shopping centre – it has a lot of different shops (providers) in the one place – so you can search and buy what you need in one easy to use and secure location.


A new era of debt free retirement. Click to view Homesafe Solutions website - Bendigo and Adelaide Bank