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A sustainable future

The Bendigo Centre


Following three years and three months of construction, more than 113 kilometres of cabling for lighting and power, 2,100 cubic metres of concrete and 380 tonnes of steel, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s new headquarters, The Bendigo Centre, was officially opened by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in December 2008.

The only Australian bank to position its headquarters outside a capital city, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is also the first organisation to build a five green star building in a regional city.

The Bendigo Centre comprises two building – the existing Fountain Court and the new Bendigo Centre – linked by an elevated glass skywalk.

The complex includes two new open air lanes (Laity Lane and Perrow Walk) which connect Bendigo’s Bath Lane and High Street, a new piazza (Lyric Square), a boardwalk (Oscar’s Walk) which is a pedestrian link along Bendigo Creek, new retail stores and cafes.

Key features of the $100 million, six-storey complex include:

  • Half the energy usage of a typical office building of its size.
  • A 50 per cent reduction in the use of potable water.
  • A water treatment plant that recycles 20,000 litres of waste water per day.
  • The Bendigo Centre uses recycled water to service all toilets throughout the building, saving almost 4.5 million litres of drinking water each year. Click here to read more.
  • One of the first large-scale applications of under-floor displacement air conditioning in Australia. Using considerably less energy, this system provides fresh, clean air at a low pressure with individually controlled vents at work stations.
  • Solar panels to reduce the amount of black power used.Automated lights that dim or turn off with natural light levels.

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