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A sustainable future

Generation Green™

Through the simple and practical solutions that form part of Generation Green™, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is making it easier for customers and their communities to reduce their impact on the environment.


Renewable energy solutions

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is part of the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance, comprising 14 local governments, businesses and community organisations. The alliance is playing a key role in creating sustainable, climate-aware communities and profitable, climate-friendly economies.

This will be achieved through a number of innovative community initiatives and education programs, including the construction of solar parks in Ballarat and Bendigo that will provide renewable energy to local green energy customers.


Illuminating a brighter future for all

Together with energy providers, businesses and state government, the Generation Green™ Ban the Bulb campaign funds the replacement of incandescent light globes in local communities with new, energy-efficient bulbs.

The project calls on community-based volunteers, including the CFA and State Emergency Service, and pays these groups to install the bulbs free of charge to the home owner.

To date, more than 60,000 incandescent globes have been replaced in around 4,000 homes, raising in excess of $160,000 for volunteer groups.

Most importantly, the program has already reduced greenhouse gas emissions by about 60,000* tonnes over the life of the bulbs – and householders should see their energy bills fall by as much as $100 per year.

Next year the program will engage more than 50 communities across Victoria, exchange more than 300,000 light bulbs and save more than 150,000* tonnes in emissions.

*Greenhouse gas abatement numbers per globe reflect two separate schemes which apply different abatement calculations.


Borrowing to invest in our future

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank encourages its customers to live in environmentally friendly homes. To help customers achieve this, we offer Generation Green™ home loans and personal loans.

With an 0.50%pa reduction on Bendigo Bank’s residential variable rate and no monthly service fee, a Generation Green™ home loan can help you save interest as well as the environment. A Generation Green™ personal loans are offered at a 1.00%pa discount off standard personal loan rates.

The loans are available to people building green homes or updating their existing residence with products including solar hot water systems, insulation or rainwater tanks.

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Saving trees and preserving our land

The invention of email has seen the humble office move a step closer toward the idealised paper-free workplace. However in reality, paper is still a necessary and practical tool for every business.

In an effort to reduce the impact of our paper consumption on the environment Bendigo and Adelaide Bank recycles wherever it can – and each workstation is fitted with its own paper recycling bin.

This year, we recycled more than 230 tonnes of paper and cardboard waste from our main offices and larger branches – an increase of almost 30 tonnes on the previous year.

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