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Dividend information

Dividends paid by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank carry a franked dividend. Under this system shareholders receive a credit for their proportion of the tax paid by the bank. You can use this system to offset your own tax liability.

The amount of franking credit received, in addition to the amount of dividend, should be included in your assessable income. However, a rebate is allowed in the tax payable to the extent of the franking credit. Details of the payment and franking credits will be forwarded to you with each dividend payment.

Alternatives available

Dividend Reinvestment Plan

Instead of receiving your dividend in cash, the Dividend Reinvestment Plan allows you to use all or part of the amount available to purchase additional shares – that rank equally with other permanent shares.

You will be advised of the shares allotted and the franked amount involved.

Terms and conditions

Bonus Share Scheme

Under this scheme you can elect to receive bonus shares in place of cash or shares in the form of a dividend. This provides a tax-free distribution in the year of receipt and does not carry any franking credits.

Capital Gains Tax may apply on disposal unless the original shares were acquired before 20 September 1985. Shares issued under this plan rank equally with all other fully paid ordinary shares.

Terms and conditions

Credit to an account You can choose to have your dividend automatically credited to your nominated account. Notification is forwarded to your registered address with details of the amount of franking credit involved.
Payment by cheque

A cheque can be forwarded to you at your registered address, along with notification of the amount of franking credit involved.


Recording your dividend instructions

To ensure your dividend instructions are promptly recorded, all new shareholders should complete and return a Dividend Nomination Advice Form to the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Share Registry.

Should your instructions not be received prior to the closing date for the determination of entitlements for the payment of a dividend, your instructions will not become effective until the next dividend payment.

If the Dividend Nomination Advice is signed but no option is selected, it will be treated as a nomination to receive dividends by cheque.

The method of dividend payment can be varied at any time by writing to the Bendigo and Adelaide Ba