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Bank takes ownership of telco


Bendigo and Adelaide Bank has taken 100 per cent ownership of Community Telco Australia.

Community Telco Australia was established by the Bank in 2003 to ensure it had access to telecommunication infrastructure at a viable price point to support a major regional headquarters and to extend its Community Bank® model into the telco market, said Andrew Cairns, Head of Customer Led Connections.

“The Bank has held held a 50 per cent shareholding in the telco since 2005 when it sold 50 per cent stake to AAPT then Australia’s third largest telecommunications company,” Mr Cairns said.

“The Bank has now finalised the purchase of AAPT’s 50 per cent shareholding and is now the only Australian bank to own a telecommunications company.”

CTA has grown to be Australia’s largest regional telco, creating economic output of $148 million annually across regional Australia, equating to 382 jobs.

“There is no doubt the convergence of banking and telecommunications via mobile devices is not just growing as an accepted mainstream channel for banking – this growth is actually accelerating rapidly,” he said.

“It is also becoming clear that customers will want a seamless mobile bankin