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Bendigo Bank obtains trademark for Community Bank


Bendigo Bank announced today it had been granted Australian Trademark Registration for Community Bank®.

The registration term is for a ten-year period effective from 24 August 2001 and is due for renewal in 2011.

Bendigo Bank managing director Rob Hunt said the Trademark was clear recognition of the unique nature of Bendigo Bank’s Community Bank® model and its success to date.

“ Community Bank is not, and has not, been easy for the communities or the bank and Trademark recognition is a way we can protect the value and intellectual property that has been established to date.”

Mr Hunt said Bendigo Bank had answered well over 2000 inquiries about Community Banking® from right across Australia. The 100th Community Bank® would open in San Remo, Victoria, next week. Bendigo is confident the network will grow by another 20 to 30 branches during 2003/2004.

" Although the design of Community Bank® was prompted by communities losing branch banking access, the model offers much more,” Mr Hunt said.

“ By involving locals as the investors, and having them engage the broader community, we have been able to develop a commercial model which is proving to have the capacity to not only secure banking services but to generate local profit, regain employment, and instil a can-do attitude in many districts.

“ It is also enabling the early companies to make valuable contributions to local shareholders and community activities.

“ It is also helping each community marketplace to develop new skills and capabilities.

“ Bendigo Bank and the communities are building a strong alternative banking solution based on our understanding that successful customers and successful communities create a successful bank – in that order.”