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Bendigo Bank and ABN AMRO link on international trade


Bendigo Bank announced today that its customers will now be able to benefit from a broadening of international trade services following the signing of an outsource agreement with ABN AMRO.

According to Managing Director Rob Hunt, Bendigo’s business banking customers now have access to the most efficient means available for settling international trade transactions.

"ABN AMRO is rated one of the top three international trade banks globally,” said Mr Hunt. “ABN AMRO’s global presence and web-based platform are the reasons we chose to partner with them."

The enhanced services provided by ABN AMRO’s ‘MaxTradsm’ system provide Bendigo’s import/export business customers with access to virtually any world market using flexible, web-based technology and specialist expertise in international trade processing.

“Bendigo Bank’s international trade capabilities leverage the skills and expertise of a number of international trade specialists,” Mr Hunt said. "We have trade specialists in Victoria, NSW and Queensland, all ready to meet our customers’ needs."

Bendigo’s senior manager of international trade, Geoffrey Hemmes, added: “The enhanced capabilities of ABN AMRO's ‘MaxTradsm’ system will help Bendigo expand its international trade business, and will provide existing and potential customers with a real solution for their trade banking needs.”

‘MaxTradsm’, ABN AMRO’s global trade portal, recently won Euromoney Magazine’s 2002 Award for Best Bank Trade Finance website.

Mr Hemmes said: “We will work closely with our colleagues in Bendigo Bank Group Treasury, who provide on-going support for us with the provision of foreign exchange products to our international trade customers, to create an integrated offering. Overall, we aim to deliver a seamless service, combined with a strong ethic of customer satisfaction.”

For further information, customers should call 1300 366 666 or log on to

Business Inquiries:
Geoffrey Hemmes, Bendigo Bank +61 3 5433 9049
Phillip Dunstan, ABN AMRO +61 2 8259 6147

Media Inquiries:
Owen Davies, Bendigo Bank +61 3 5433 9866
Matthew Sullivan, ABN AMRO +61 2 8259 5127