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Lead On Australia

Lead On Australia is a community development organisation which aims to strengthen relationships between young people and the broader community.

The organisation facilitates the delivery of practical projects and activities which give young people the opportunity to learn new skills and gain experience in a variety of different industries and pursuits.

Lead On Australia seeks to connect the broader community, including businesses, community groups and education providers, with the delivery of these projects thereby exposing young people to the opportunities that exist within their communities.

Lead On has enjoyed a long-standing partnership with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank since its inception in 1999.

In 2010, this relationship was formalised through the implementation of a management agreement, allowing the bank to manage the operations of Lead On Australia and to deliver Lead On programs to its partners in communities throughout Australia.

Since Lead On Australia was established in 1999, more than 8,500 young people have participated in more than 1250 business and community based projects. These projects have been supported by partners from the business, community and government sectors.

To find out more go to the Lead On Australia.

Lead On - Connecting Youth